Communicate and share product releases

Create and share product release notes directly from your roadmap, optionally emailing users who follow your roadmap.

Keep your stakeholders and users informed

Share a live URL with your stakeholders as well as email the users who follow your roadmap each time you publish a new release.

Self-documenting release notes

Why bother retyping out release notes? As roadmap cards and features are completed, simply add these to your releases and hey presto!

Release features

Create and share product release notes directly from your roadmap, optionally also emailing users who follow your roadmap.

Manage releases

Create releases and easily link them to completed roadmap cards keeping stakeholders up-to-date with what's been released and when.

Release timeline

As you create releases these are added to your release timeline, providing a simple and intuitive place to store your release notes.

Public releases

Enable public access to your Release canvas and allow public users to see what's recently been developed and released.

Customise releases

Created custoimized release notes and generate email previews before delivering them to your roadmap followers.

Email release notes

Take the pain out of sending release notes to stakeholders by easily publishing notifications to all users that follow your roadmaps.

Feature Free Pro
Public releases
Markdown editor
Public & internal release cards
Add completed cards to releases
Release notifications
Email builder Email builder
Email release notes Email release notes

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Build beautiful roadmaps

Easily build, customise and share beautiful agile product roadmaps through our intuitive drag and drop interface.

Capture & priortize ideas

Capture and prioritize product ideas as well as allow users to vote on and submit their own ideas directly from your roadmap.

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