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Announce updates and news and embed these within your own website or web app via our widget.

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Announce product updates and news and embed these within your own website or web app via our widget.

Announce Updates

Create announcements and updates and notify your audience when things change.

Embed Widget

Create a Widget to embed updates and announcements within your own website or web app. Check out ours here!

Standalone Page

Publish your updates as a standalone page that can be shared with your customers. Check out ours here!

User Segmentation

Segment your audience and send them targeted update posts.

Emojis & Feedback

Collect emoji reactions as well as customer feedback on your updates.

Email Subscribers

Send email notifications to customers who follow your public updates feed.

Feature Free Startup Pro Unlimited
Updates Feed 1 5 10
Public Updates Feed 1 5 10
Unlimited Posts
Public & Internal Updates
Add Your Logo Custom logos
Link Completed Cards
Email Notifications Email release notes
Post Reactions Reactions
User Feedback Reactions
Custom Categories Custom categories
Filters & Search
Following Embeddable roadmaps
User Segmentation Reactions
Pinned Posts Reactions
Whitelabelling Custom logos
Custom Domains Custom logos

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Build beautiful roadmaps

Easily build, customise and share beautiful roadmaps and plans through our intuitive drag and drop interface.


Collect ideas and feedback

Collect ideas and feedback from your audience, as well as allow users to vote on and submit their own ideas directly from your public board.

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